About Moran Mor

Studio Mor is a studio for interior design and planning based on expertise, driven by passion, and held by the belief that your environment should reflect who you are and what you love. We will use our expertise to bring each client’s dreams into beautiful and functional spaces, which means our team does not have a single look or style.

Creating beauty as you define it.

Design Styles

Why Studio Mor?

Interior Design and Planning for Apartments

Meticulous interior design for private apartments with an emphasis on functionality and aesthetics.

Private Home Design

Planning and designing private homes using high-quality and innovative materials.

Luxury Apartment Design

Creating luxurious and stunning spaces with an emphasis on boutique and functional design.

Office Design

Planning and designing offices that combine comfort, practicality, and high aesthetics.

Tenant Changes for Developers

Adapting spaces to the unique needs of new tenants, in collaboration with developers.

Selected Projects


Shira c. - carmiel
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We bought a new apartment and decided to change the entire kitchen provided by the contractor. We started the process with another designer, but later we turned to Moran for additional advice. We wanted a different style and were really impressed by her. She came to our apartment, gave various suggestions, explained what we should do considering the size of the space, and opened our minds to different ideas. The price was also excellent, and we decided to continue the process, which resulted in an amazing kitchen. The entire transformation process became a pleasant and good experience. We are happy to recommend Moran as a professional, creative, and pleasant designer.
Sara y. - haifa
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She is lovely, professional, and pleasant; there's really nothing more to say. Truly above and beyond. She has great taste and adapts to the client's preferences. She made sure to choose the best items for me to ensure I was satisfied. Interior design work is a process that takes time. We were with her for close to a year. Each time, we needed to buy something else, and it took time. She always came, was always available, and was always present. I am very pleased with the work she did for me, and I highly recommend her.
Smadar b. -afula
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Finally, we bought our dream home in Afula. A private, two-story house, and I needed help to redesign it. Moran guided us through the entire renovation process. We expanded the bedroom, renovated the bathrooms, added various custom carpentry pieces that Moran designed especially for us with her carpenter, and redesigned the children's rooms. She also assisted us in purchasing the furniture. The final result in one word: perfect! The experience was wonderful, and we always received answers to everything. I have no words—wholeheartedly recommend her. I'm very happy we did the process with her.
Shlomi h. - nesher
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We wanted to upgrade the house we purchased and were looking for an interior designer. I received recommendations about Moran and decided to hire her. She did an interesting job and redesigned every part of the house, especially the bathrooms and restrooms. She prepared several sketches for us and involved us in the entire process until the final decision. She accompanied me in selecting materials, colors, furniture, and accessories. We finished the renovation within the planned timeframe, having scheduled the entire process in advance. I am very pleased with her work and the final look. People come into the apartment and are really excited, which gives a great feeling. We wholeheartedly recommend Moran.
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