About the Studio

My name is Moran Mor, an interior designer and a graduate of the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design. I am the owner of Studio Mor for Interior Design and Planning, specializing in home styling. Studio Mor offers a variety of interior design and planning services for apartments, private homes, and luxury apartments such as penthouses, with a focus on boutique and functional design, as well as office design and tenant changes for developers.

The studio emphasizes the correct and high-quality selection of materials for the project. Client support begins from the initial idea and concept, through working plans and 3D renderings, to the final stage of accessories and styling. The studio is updated with all the innovations and high-quality materials available in the construction and design industry, allowing us to provide the highest quality products to the client.

The studio ensures adherence to the project’s defined budget and timeline, with presence on-site during the project to verify that the execution is done exactly according to the plan. We accompany the client until the project’s completion. Our clientele includes private clients and contracting companies.

Creating beauty as you define it.

Recent Projects

Penthouse in HaHotrim Neighborhood

Garden Apartment in the Heine 12 Project

Offices for a Leading Mortgage Consulting Company


n today’s era, there is an abundance of designers, styles, and varying client tastes. Firstly, the chemistry between you and the designer is crucial. A good designer will know how to adapt to you and your personal taste while incorporating her professional knowledge and experience. Of course, recommendations from friends, family, and acquaintances are the best, as well as from clients. It is advisable to review a portfolio and get an impression of their work.

An interior designer accompanies the client throughout the entire project, from concept development, preparation of working plans for professionals, and creating a bill of quantities for construction and finishing materials, to 3D renderings. The designer visits and supervises the work on-site to ensure it is executed according to the provided plans.

They assist clients in purchasing materials, sanitary ware, coverings, flooring, lighting, furniture, and everything included in the project. The designer supports clients until the project’s completion, ensuring they do not feel alone during the process and that their interests are protected when dealing with professionals and suppliers.

A designer ensures adherence to the project’s defined budget. A good designer knows how to translate your dreams and needs into reality. Working with a designer will save you from making mistakes you might have made on your own, and, of course, save you money.

It is important and advisable to contact an interior designer as early as the property purchase stage. A good designer can identify the potential of the property and even determine if it can meet the clients’ needs and requirements.

If you are already living in the property or have already purchased it, the sooner you consult with a designer, the faster you will progress. The design process requires extensive planning time.

Although these are two related fields in home renovation, there are many differences between them. Interior design involves the division and optimal planning of the space for the client. Home styling focuses on arranging the space in terms of furniture and color without breaking walls.

Working with a designer helps to meet the defined project timelines. Because the project is well-planned and due to the designer’s knowledge, their ability to coordinate between the various professionals ensures the project is executed in the best and quickest manner possible.

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